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Hip Pain

Brittany Forbes PT

Are you struggling with hip pain that interferes with lifting weights, running, jumping, squatting, climbing stairs, sitting, sleeping, or performing your daily tasks?

Does This Resonate With You?

You expected the pain to subside within a few days or weeks, but it persisted.
You tried various remedies like heating pads, ice, and home TENS units with no relief.
Despite massages, the pain returned shortly afterward.
Medical interventions such as injections or medications provided temporary relief.
Previous attempts at physical therapy failed to alleviate the pain.

You've resorted to avoiding activities that exacerbate the pain to cope with it, haven't you?
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Typical Hip Conditions We Address:

Primary Causes:

Alpha Osteopractic's Approach:

Addressing the Hip:

Key Concepts to Understand:

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