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Optimal Performance and Wellness: The Role of Recovery Read through to find 5 major tips for improving your Recovery!

When we want to achieve our optimal results, we have to honor the undeniable need for effective recovery. Recoverability is a purposeful process that you can take control over to achieve your goals faster! There are 3 main pillars of recoverability—training, nutrition, and lifestyle. These foundations are the biggest priority when optimizing performance and wellness and they each contain multiple variables.

Building a Fortress of Wellness

Think of your body as a fortress, and just like any stronghold, it needs a solid foundation. Training, nutrition, and lifestyle form the bedrock of recoverability. The key lies not just in training harder but in building habits that encompass your entire physical existence. It’s about merging training, nutrition, and lifestyle into a seamless trinity that fortifies your body against fatigue, injuries, and burnouts.

Recoverability is a multifaceted process. Training often takes the blame for overtraining issues, but the reality is that lifestyle and nutrition are equally pivotal. Poor sleep habits, constant stress, and nutritional deficiencies can sabotage even the most well-designed training programs. It’s time to recognize the interconnectedness of these elements and address them collectively.

The Hierarchy of Regeneration

Picture a pyramid where lifestyle, training, and nutrition form the sturdy base, supporting the entire structure. Purposeful and intelligent programming comes next, offering a significant impact on optimizing recoverability. The idea is simple: your training should be tailored to your body, aligning with your goals and needs. More isn’t better; better is better, and optimization is the ultimate goal.

Before spending your hard earned money on a bunch of supplements, check yourself! Many of the factors that are most important for your recoverability can be completely FREE. It is only when these foundations (lifestyle, nutrition, and training) are solid can you fully benefit from any additional tools to expedite the recovery process. With dialed in nutrition, lifestyle and training, you can actually gain greater benefit with active and passive modalities. Active modalities will certainly give you a better bang for your buck and passive modalities can be used to create an additive effect for optimization.

Activating the Recovery Switch

To tap into optimized recovery, you can utilize your central nervous system (CNS)! You have 2 major parts of your CNS: the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems. The parasympathetic system governs rest and recovery, while the sympathetic system triggers the “fight or flight” response. Both are crucial, but a balance is key.

Our goal is to be the master regulator of our central nervous system, riding the sympathetic wave during intense workouts and strategically downshifting to the parasympathetic side for efficient recovery. It’s about manipulating the CNS response to perform at the highest levels while preventing burnout.

Did You know?!

Diaphragmatic Breathing is your only volitional control over your CNS? This means that you can purposefully downshift your sympathetic response to an intense workout and tap into the rest and recovery benefits of the parasympathetic side through doing breath work.

Your Self-Directed Recovery Toolkit

Before splurging on supplements, consider the power of active, self-sufficient recovery tools. Active recovery is not only effective but also free. Let’s be proactive in maintaining and recovering our bodies, unlocking the potential for longevity in our training careers.

5 main tips to improve your Recovery:
  1. Kick start your recovery with Breathwork
    • Before you even leave the gym – find a quiet corner, lay on the floor with your legs supported above your heart (knees bent) and let your arms relax over your head. Focus on diaphragmatic (belly) breathing – in through your nose for 4-5 seconds, 3-4 second hold, and a 6-7 second exhale.
  2. Optimize Sleep
    • There are many tactics to improve your sleep. Aim for 7-9 hours of QUALITY sleep!
  3. Eat More of the right stuff
    • Focus on whole foods with quality protein, carbs, and fats. Your body needs all of the building block to recovery and build.
  4. Manage your Stress
    • This can include training stress and general life stressors. If your stress level gets out of control, this will negatively affect your training or sport performance as well as your recoverability.
  5. Purposeful Movement
      • Light activity that gets the blood flowing is ideal! This part of your training programming should be just as intentional as your heaviest lifts. Use this time to optimize your mobility and address any restrictions you may have.

The power to optimize your performance and well-being is within you. Tap into your recoverability to achieve your highest goals!

If you have any questions or need some help schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation. Dr. B will answer your questions and help you get on the right track!

Dr. Brittany A. Forbes, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT
We help athletes and active adults eliminate pain, optimize wellness, and achieve new heights without medications, injections or surgery.
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