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Dry Needling

Dry Needling On Shoulder

It’s important to note that not all dry needling treatments are created equal, and the quality of treatment can vary greatly depending on the provider. When selecting a provider to administer dry needling, it’s crucial to do your research and ask questions about their education and experience to ensure they have the necessary skills to provide safe and effective treatment.

What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a highly effective treatment technique used by physical therapists worldwide to treat acute and chronic orthopedic and neuromusculoskeletal conditions. Dry needling involves the insertion of small filament type needles into myofascial trigger points, tendons, ligaments, or near bones or nerves to stimulate a healing response and permanently reduce pain and dysfunction. Dry needling is highly effective for many conditions including the treatment of arthritis, chronic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, headaches, golfers’ elbow and tennis elbow, sciatica, TMJ, Achilles tendonitis, cervical and lumbar radiculopathy, and many more.

Wait, is this Acupuncture?

While both Dry needling and Acupuncture both use thin filament type needles; the ideology and theoretical backgrounds are very different. Dry Needling is based on Western medical research and principles, whereas acupuncture is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine in which the purpose is to alter the flow of energy (“Qi”) along traditional Chinese meridians for the treatment of diseases. In acupuncture, needles are typically placed along meridians whereas in Dry needling needles are placed based on anatomy – targeting muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones or near nerves. Dry needling is a modern intervention technique which is science-based and rooted in anatomy. Dry needling is used for the treatment of pain and dysfunction in neuromusculoskeletal conditions throughout the body.

How does Dry Needling work & what does the needle actually do?

Dry needling has been shown to have many physiological mechanisms to reduce pain and disability, including local mechanical, electrophysiological, neurophysiological, and chemical/cellular effects. These effects include decreased pain, improved blood flow, decreased muscle contraction (relief of knots), improved neuromuscular activation and timing, and decreased inhibition of the descending sensory pain pathways.
 In research, dry needling has been shown to work by activating various biochemical, biomechanical, endocrinological, and neurovascular mechanisms in the body. Dry needling stimulates your body to release your own natural painkillers such as opioids, cannabinoids, and serotonin, which help reduce pain. It also stimulates your body to bathe the local area in helpful biochemicals which reduce inflammation. Dry needling has also been shown to improve local and micro-circulation which helps with symptoms and healing. Dry needling is a powerful tool in reducing pain and dysfunction and improving range of motion and function in the treatment for acute and chronic orthopedic and neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

Does Dry Needling Hurt?

Each patient describes the processes of being needled differently. Depending on what tissues are being treated; the sensation will feel different. If Dry needling is recommended for you, I will make sure you know what to expect from the exact technique we plan to use to treat your condition. Quite frequently, patients report not feeling the needle being inserted at all; there are sometimes where there is a more sensitive spot and a mild discomfort in noted. The nice thing is, due to the mechanisms of how Dry needling works, any discomfort will typically resolve within a few seconds. To get the best benefits of Dry needling, you actually want to feel a mild discomfort when we stimulate the needles – most patients describe this as a mild warmth, tightness, ache. This only needs to be mild and will resolve within a few seconds sue to the biochemical and neurophysiological responses to the needling technique. Feeling that mild discomfort is what stimulates your body to respond with all of the incredible pain-relieving and healing responses (see below for more information). You may also experience what is called the local twitch response (LTR), this is a small (local) involuntary muscle contraction and means that we are positively affecting the desired tissue.

Return To The Gym

This Return to the Gym Program has been designed by the Doctors of Physical Therapy at Clinical Marketer PT specifically to allow those who are having pain with squats, deadlifts, lunges, bench press, etc… to get back to the gym and doing these movements pain free.

Return To Golf

The Healthy Swing Program has been designed specifically by our golf performance specialists here at Clinical Marketer PT. No matter your handicap, our specialists work with you to improve your swing and get you through your round pain free.

Return To Climbing

Working with a climbing specific rehab professional can make all the difference in your recovery. Whether you’re a recreational athlete to a professional, our therapists have helped countless climbers get back to climbing pain free.

Return To The Sport

The Return to Sports program is for anyone, whether recreationally all the way to professionally, who wants to return to their desired sport bigger, faster, and stronger than they were prior to the injury. Most importantly, this program has specific components in place that will help to ensure that the likelihood of this injury reoccurring again in the future is as low as physiologically possible

Return To Running

This Return to Running Program has been designed specifically by our running specialists here at Clinical Marketer PT. Our running specialists have worked with all levels whether it be recreational runners who want to be able to run their first 5K all the way up to runners competing in ultramarathons trials.

Return To Painfree Lifestyle

No matter what your level of physical activity or exercise is, our therapists will work hard to getting you back to living healthy and strong, without pain. Whether it’s hiking, biking, walking, or just being able to tolerate sitting in your car– it is our priority to give you power back over your everyday life.

What Makes Alpha Osteopractic Different


One-on-One For A Full Hour With Your Doctor of Physical Therapy, Every Visit

To ensure that you are getting the highest quality of care. Every session will be one on one with a doctor of PT. No aids, no techs. Just individualized care for you with your doctor.


24 Hour Response Time

We are 100% committed to your recovery. Throughout your rehab process your therapist will always be accessible for any questions you may have.

Wholistic Care

You're More Than A Diagnosis

At Alpha Osteopractic we take a look at the whole body. We are aware that the location of your pain is not always the cause. Not only do we improve your pain and reduce your symptoms, but we address the root cause of the issue and work to make your body more resilient in order to prevent further injuries.

Cost Transparency

You'll Never Get a Bill From Us Months Later After Your Visit

Unlike many physical therapy clinics- you won’t get any bills months following finishing PT. With Alpha Osteopractic you will never be surprised by a bill you were not anticipating.


We Understand the Demands of Your Life and/or Sport

We walk the talk! As physical therapists who exercise and participate in a large variety of activities/sports ourselves we understand what it takes. While many physicians and physical therapists will simply tell you to stop your desired activity we understand that avoiding the things that you enjoy most because of an injury is no way to live. Because of our background we know the importance of keeping you in the activities you love and we find ways to modify your training so you can stay in your sport throughout the rehab process.

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