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Unlocking Personalized Healing: 5 Reasons to Choose Out-of-Network PT

Maybe you’ve heard about it, or perhaps it’s a new concept to you, but let’s dive into the world of out-of-network or fee-for-service healthcare – a game-changer that’s definitely worth exploring.

You might be thinking. “I think I have good insurance! Why would I even think about going out of network for physical therapy?”

Well, read on to learn of 5 compelling reasons:

One-on-One Care with Dr. Brittany Forbes

Ever felt like just a number in a crowded waiting room, rushed through exercises with minimal interaction from your physical therapist, an assistant ot tech? In the world of Alpha Osteopractic, out-of-network physical therapy means you get a full hour of Dr. Brittany Forbes’s undivided attention. No interruptions. No shared time slots. Just you, your questions, and a dedicated hour focused entirely on your unique needs, diagnosis, and goals.

Freedom from Insurance Limitations

Insurance limitations got you feeling restricted? It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to cap PT visits, leaving you in a bind if you face a new injury. Or restrict what treatments are covered within your PT plan of care. Imagine having the flexibility to text Dr. Brittany Forbes directly, scheduling an appointment for the next day, and kickstarting your rehabilitation within the same week – no need to navigate through lengthy referrals, or appeal processes.

Open Communication Channels with Your PT

Ever had a follow-up with a different clinician or struggled to reach your PT with burning questions? Choose out-of-network care, and you’ll have direct access to Dr. Brittany Forbes. Without the insurance hassles, Dr. B is able to focus on the patient and give dedicate care and attention. Dr. B is able to stay connected to you and ensure all your queries are addressed.

Prioritize Preventative Care, Wellness, and Recovery

Without insurance constraints, you can proactively come in for progressions or check-ups, ensuring you’re on the right track to recovery and maintaining your active lifestyle. No more feeling cut off after your plan of care wraps up – at Alpha Osteopractic, the focus is on eliminating pain AND optimizing wellness. Many patients choose to continue on with memberships and have routine visits to keep themselves feeling their best and performing at their peak.

Transparent Costs, No Surprises

Say goodbye to the confusion of unclear insurance statements. With out-of-network PT, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and the cost involved. No more wondering what services you received or getting billed months after the fact. Transparency is key, giving you peace of mind about your healthcare expenses. Dr. B chose to focus on what matters most, YOU. Alpha Osteopractic does not charge different prices for different treatments or add on any fees – You are provided with the care that is best suited to optimize your recovery and wellness without any add-on fees.

In a healthcare system that often falls short, Alpha Osteopractic stands out as a beacon of personalized, intentional care. Dr. Brittany Forbes and the team at Alpha are dedicated to providing you with an unparalleled physical therapy experience. Ready to explore a new dimension in healthcare? Give us a call at Alpha Osteopractic and let’s redefine your physical therapy journey!

Dr. Brittany A. Forbes, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT
We help athletes and active adults eliminate pain, optimize wellness, and achieve new heights without medications, injections or surgery.
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