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Overcoming 15 Years of Chronic Knee Pain: Ben’s Remarkable Physical Therapy Success Story

With sheer joy, I have the honor of sharing an extraordinary success story to share with you—one that showcases the transformative power of physical therapy in the life of a military veteran. Meet Ben, a former service member who had been battling chronic knee pain for over 15 years. His pain had been affecting every aspect of his life, from playing sports to spending quality time with his kids, and even his sleep. But little did he know that a journey to Alpha Osteopractic and the expert care of Dr. B would change everything.

Ben’s Struggle with Chronic Knee Pain:

After years of dedicated service in the military, Ben’s was struggling every day with chronic knee pain. Pain and a feeling of weakness had become constant companions, making even simple activities challenging. The pain was particularly disruptive during sports, playtime with his children, and running, which left him feeling frustrated and defeated. To make matters worse, he couldn’t escape the pain even during the night, as he woke up 2-3 times due to knee pain. Despite trying various treatments, Ben found no lasting relief, until he discovered Alpha Osteopractic.

Discovering Hope at Alpha Osteopractic:

Desperate for a solution, Ben reached out to Dr. B at Alpha Osteopractic, he had heard that dry needling might help. Ben started with a free 15 minute consult call and immediately knew he was in good hands. Dr. Brittany Forbes took the time to listen and understand his pain and then explain how she could help. Dr. B’s warm demeanor and passion for helping patients made Ben feel confident that he was in going to the right place to actually get results.

A Tailored Approach to Treatment:

Recognizing that each patient’s journey is unique, Dr. B created a personalized treatment plan for Ben, encompassing a combination of cutting-edge interventions. During the initial evaluation, Dr. B identified all of the contributing factors and explained to Ben how each thing was adding to his pain and how they could address each limitation to not only resolve his pain but also improve his abilities and performance in sports.

Ben had not realized that overtime due to the knee pain that he had lost range of motion in his ankle and that both of his hip were tight. He had also lost muscle mass in his quads (thigh muscles) due the chronic knee pain that he had been suffering with.

Here’s a glimpse into the comprehensive care Ben received:

Dr. B employed periosteal electrical dry needling to Ben’s painful knee; this treatment brings many benefits including a release of your body’s own natural opioids (pain-killers), another non-opiod mechanism of pain relief, chemicals and hormones to stimulate healing and a massive increase in micro-circulation (blood flow). Ben was shocked at how much better his knee felt after just 1 session. This pain relief laid the foundation for continued progress at every visit. Ben noted that every session was a new milestone in pain relief and progress. Dr. B would use manual techniques to improve the mobility in Ben’s hips, knee and ankle which allowed Ben’s running and squatting mechanics to improve greatly. Dr. B also used Blood Flow Restriction Therapy (BFR) to help Ben regain his strength and muscle mass faster. Ben really enjoyed Body Tempering (BT) during his sessions as well, noting that his muscles always felt so much free-er after body tempering which allowed him to so much more mobility and improved performance during his lifts. Throughout every session, Dr. B would explain what the plan was and why each portion of that visit was important to Ben’s recovery.

A Remarkable Transformation:

As the weeks went by, Ben’s progress was nothing short of remarkable. By his fourth visit to Alpha Osteopractic, he experienced uninterrupted sleep without waking up due to knee pain. An ENTIRE NIGHT’S SLEEP with no knee pain! Ben said he woke up feeling so incredible after getting a full night’s sleep for the first time in over 15 years. By the sixth visit, he felt a newfound freedom—no pain while running and playing with his kids. The most profound moment for Ben was when he expressed, “I didn’t even realize I had a knee; that was incredible! I had been constantly aware of my knee and the pain for so many years. To go a whole day after the first 2 visits without noticing my knee at all was amazing!” Ben continued to make progress and reached new heights: he run his fastest ever 5K, went on to run a ½ marathon pain free and was playing and coaching sports with his kids.

Ben’s journey at Alpha Osteopractic is a testament to the immense benefits of physical therapy. Through a personalized approach that combined innovative interventions, Dr. B not only alleviated Ben’s 15-year-long chronic knee pain but also restored his joy and quality of life. Ben’s story serves as an inspiration to all those who have been living with persistent pain—it is never too late to seek help and find hope through the expertise and dedication of skilled clinicians.

If you or someone you know is struggling with chronic pain, we encourage you to reach out to Alpha Osteopractic today. Dr. B is here to guide you on your own path to recovery and optimal wellness. Don’t let pain hold you back; let’s work together to achieve the life you deserve!

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Dr. Brittany A. Forbes, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT
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